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HARV-MINI Sensor Gimbal

Compact sensor gimbal.

  • Range of motion, pan: Infinite (software limited only)

  • Range of motion, tilt: Infinite (software limited only)

  • Slew rate: 650 degrees/second

  • Weight: < 4 pounds, depending upon sensor payload

  • Video encoding:  See VISPRO H.264 HD Video Encoder

HARV-VIS Pan-Tilt Unit

Compact, light weight Pan-Tilt Unit, for use with HARV-VIS Multi-Sensor Head.​

HARV-VIS Sensor Heads

Compact multi-sensor heads ​that can be used stand alone or paired with the HARV-VIS PTU.

VISPRO Cameras

VISPRO Cameras are available either as OEM modules or with rugged packaging. 

VISPRO-ZOOM:  HD Video with 10:1 Zoom

  • OEM or Packaged

  • Color/Near IR /High Sens Video Camera, 480P/720P/1080P

  • 2 MP Still Image

  • 10:1 Optical Zoom Lens

  • 54° Wide HFOV (OEM), 90° Wide HFOV (Packaged)

  • DEVKIT available

VISPRO-SONY:  Sony HD FCB Block Camera
  • OEM or Packaged

  • Sony FCB-EV7500, FCB-EV7520

  • DEVKIT available

Video Encoding (All models)
  • See VISPRO H.264 HD Video Encoder

VISPRO H.264 Video Encoder

VISPRO is a feature-rich, high-definition, low latency H.264 video encoder board - for anywhere that high performance, small size, light weight, or low power is a priority.

NOTE: Specifications are for the VISPRO Encoder alone.

Low SWAP and Rugged
  • Size: 1.2" x 2.5"

  • Weight: 9.2 grams

  • Power: 1.5W at 480P to 2.5W at 1080P

  • Power In: 9-40 VDC

  • Environmental: -40 C to +80 C (Operating)

Flexible Digital Imagery 
  • H.264 video, up to 1080P/30 FPS 

  • JPEG still image capture

  • RTP, Unicast/Multicast 

  • RTSP, Unicast/Multicast

  • Easily selectable compression presets: Balanced, Constricted Bitrate, Constant Quality, Foveal-Peripheral, and Custom

  • On-the-fly adjustment of compression parameters

Easy to Integrate

  • Telefactor HARV Communication Protocol

  • SAE AS-4 (JAUS) - optional

  • IOPv1 - optional

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