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HARV Head-Aimed Remote Viewer

The HARV Head-Aimed Remote Viewer provides a complete head-aimed control system for any Telefactor Robotics gimbal.

Head-aimed vision is an intuitive camera control system that gives the operator a compelling sense of visual telepresence and can offer 30% to 400% performance improvement over standard joystick-operated cameras. The HARV Viewer is available either as a turnkey system or as software and hardware that you install on your own laptop or PC.

Joystick camera control is also included.

  • Windows XP | 7 | 10

  • Works over wired or wireless links

  • Turnkey or "build your own" configurations available

HARV 3D Vision System

The HARV 3D Vision System provides an end-to-end solution for high-definition, immersive visual telepresence with natural stereoscopic depth perception.  Stereo and high definition each offer advantages over standard definition monoscopic camera video, particularly for remote manipulation.

The HARV 3D Vision System includes a HARV-3D Gimbal paired with a HARV-3D Viewer, with options for low-latency digital video & transport.

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